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Join 'Women in Quant Finance Event' organised by G-Research!

G-Research is committed to improving inclusion within our industry, and so we’re excited to announce the start of our Women’s Engagement Programme with our first Women in Quant Finance Event in Europe.

This remote event will include a range of introductory and technical talks, as well as collaborative skills courses and interview prep sessions. Our goal will be to give women currently engaged in their PhD studies the chance to learn more about working in quantitative research in finance, all while providing them with the chance to build up a network of their peers.

If you are selected to participate, you will be guaranteed an interview for our Summer Research Programme, an internship programme in quantitative research (applications opening in September).


Monday 23rd November 2020

Tuesday 24th Novemeber 2020

Each day’s activities will take up approximately 3 hours of your time.


Interested in participating? Then please apply by sending your CV and cover letter to


For more information head to: