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Career Service

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Cooperation with faculties and student organizations

As the JU Careers Service offers advice and information to all JU students, the admission to the courses and meetings with prospective employers is open to all students who register and agree to follow the participation rules.

The event calendar is decided on at the beginning of each academic year, but it is still possible to arrange some smaller scale events for students of a given faculty or course of study.

These include:

  1. Courses in active job search, writing CVs and applications in Polish, handling the recruitment process and job interviews (contact:
  2. Training in interpersonal skills, such as self-presentation, interpersonal communication and public presentations, writing CVs and applications in English (contact:,
  3. Meetings with company representatives (contact:,

Before an event can be organized by the Careers Service, it is necessary to:

  1. Send a formal application/request to the e-mail address of the person in charge of a given task. It should be sent at least one month in advance in the case of courses and at least two months in advance in the case of meetings with companies.
  2. Designate a contact person  from a given faculty/institute/organization.
  3. Provide a room equipped with computer and overhead projector.
  4. Inform prospective participants about the event.

For the details, contact the relevant persons in the JU Careers Service.