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Useful links

A psychological portal  website where you can find many interesting articles from the field of social psychology and sociology, psychological advice, personality tests and latest publications.

Official website of the City of Krakow. In the "Science and Education" section you will find the link to the Education Website of Krakow Municipal Council, the catalogue of higher education institutions and job offers for teachers. In the "Business" section you will learn why Krakow is good place for education and work, what is the job market here is like and how to start and run a private enterprise.

The Public Information Bulletin of the City of Krakow is a source of many important information, including the City Development Strategy, scholarships for exceptionally talented students (including doctoral students) from Krakow universities and colleges, cultural policy and international cooperation.

The website of Polish Ministry of Labour and Social Policy containing information about EU funds, social assistance, civil society and many other issues, including the employment rules and rights of Polish citizens working abroad, which may prove especially useful.

Publiczne Służby Zatrudnienia (Public Employment Service) is a website where you can find information for job seekers, legal acts and job offers. You will find advice on how to prepare to an interview and how to effectively look for job.

The Voivodship Labour Office (VLO) website contains data related to regional job market, information about VLO projects and work abroad. Besides, the site gives you access to career counselling and useful information on how companies, NGOs and public institutions who run human resources development projects can obtain grants from the European Social Fund.

Visit the District Labour Office Website to find career advice and latest job offers from Poland and abroad, including the EURES programme, which is a network for cooperation between the European Commission and the Public Employment Services of the EEA Member States (The EU countries plus Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein) and other partner organizations.

Similarly to the previous websites, this one contains latest job offers and information about the  EURES cooperation network.

Creating your account on the following websites enables you to send your CV to the database, so that it is accessible to a prospective employer. It also allows you to browse through the latest job offers.

The following websites belong to employment agencies, human resources and personnel consultancy companies/firms, whose target groups are both employers and job seekers. You may also look for temporal job there.

Budding entrepreneurs who visit the website of Małopolska Regional Development Agency will find offers of grants and training, assistance in obtaining EU subsidies, and information on the latest tenders.

Centre for Innovations, Technology Transfer and University Development was created to foster the University's cooperation with business. In the section "For Students" you will find interesting information about innovativeness, private business, training / courses and promotion marketing.

The Technology Transfer Centre at the Cracow University of Technology supports transfer of information and solutions between all possible fields of science and sectors of industry and provides information about the EU and the international cooperation in the field of development and research. On the website you can find information about local and international projects related to the scientific development and raising competitiveness of businesses.

The Academic Incubator of Entrepreneurship is aimed at promoting entrepreneurship among the students, graduates and staff of Krakow universities and colleges. The website contains information about the services offered by this institution and the list of institutions promoting entrepreneurship and firms supported by the Incubator. 

The Polish Agency for Enterprise Development is a government agency subordinate to/responsible to the Minister in charge of economic affairs. Its main objective is to manage funds from the state budget and the EU which are aimed  to foster entrepreneurship, innovativeness and human resources development.

PROFEO site offers the user a possibility to create his or her professional image in the Internet, to get access to professional advice on his or her career path and to find out about the current salary in the relevant sector.

GoldenLine is a social networking site containing important information for every user: professional contacts, interesting job offers, an opportunity to get in touch with a prospective employer, and message boards offering a chance to share knowledge and experience.

An international site designed to establish and sustain business contacts, to create one's professional profile and to get access to information and news about the relevant sector.

An Internet site with job offers for teachers.

An official site of the Krakow Public Information Bulletin with job vacancies in municipal agencies.

Civil Service Newsletter which offers the latest job advertisements available in the Civil Service.

An Internet site with job openings at the Jagiellonian University.