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International Mentoring Program


We invite you to take part in International Mentoring Program! It is a cycle of webinars with Mentors from all over Europe who are willing to share their international experience with you. Our goal is to provide not only theoretical knowledge related to the labor market, but also practical information and advice that can help you enter this market in any way.

The Program is the effect of cooperation between 8 universities: the Alexandru Ioan Cuza University of Iaşi the Jagiellonian University, the University of Barcelona, the University of Groningen, the University of Granada, the University of Pavia, the University of Poitiers, the University of Turku – all being a part of COIMBRA Employability Working Group.

All cycles will be conducted in English.

ATTENTION: There can be no more than two students participating in the Program from one university, which means only two applications will be chosen from all received within one University.

List of cycles together with desctiptions, dates and application forms will be added soon.

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List of webinars

This seminar will aim to deploy business and marketing tools to career management via building and maintenance of a personal brand. Approximating the brand building strategies, we will look at:

1) VALUE FOR ME: What do I want to do professionally? How does it fit to my ambitions, plans, personality, skills? - In this session, we will try to discover what is that one best place on the job market where I'd like to be. Many participants may have discussed this with career advisors or other mentors, so it will be interesting to compare examples. And once we have figured out what we want, let's look at the other side

2) VALUE FOR CUSTOMER: What is the jobs marketplace like? What do I have to offer that is unique, differentiated, and desired? What is my value proposition? - Knowing what is it that the market wants (and how to offer it!) may be a rather difficult task for a beginner, but we'll make the tiger look smaller. Again, it will be interesting to apply business model tools to extract the most of the value. We will discuss unmet needs, Kano model, etc.

3) BRAND KEY: Looking at examples of various brands - successful and not - how do I make sure that my personal brand on the job market is developed and managed properly? How to make sure the positioning is successful? - today we'll put together all pieces of a brand key - for your brand. A strong brand key is a good sign for a brands' success on the marketplace: let's make it work for you - on the job marketplace!

4) Time to touch on any additional points that may be interesting (depending on participants), questions, sharing experiences, etc.

Dates of the online meetings:

  • 04.12.2019, 18:30-20:00
  • 11.12.2019, 18:30-20:00
  • 18.12.2019, 18:30-20:00
  • 08.01.2020, 18:30-19:30


PhD Katarzyna Kita-Tokarczyk

PhD Katarzyna Kita-Tokarczyk graduated with MSci and PhD in chemistry at the Jagiellonian University in Krakow, in the meantime she also studied in the USA as Fulbright scholar and briefly in Spain, through a government academic collaboration program. Her scientific career began in Switzerland, where she was post-doc and lecturer, and continued as Senior Research Fellow in Leeds, UK. Later, she led projects, teams, and strategic growth areas in industrial R&D sectors for cosmetics, household care and chemicals, at Unilever and Clariant. Presently she works as Innovation Black Belt at Clariant, leading innovation projects with high strategic importance for the business. From the technical standpoint, Dr. Kita specialized in physical chemistry of materials typically used in cosmetics, cleaning products, as well as polymer composites and innovative materials for various applications.

The proposed topic of the seminar will be building and managing an own brand at the job marketplance, using marketing and business tools. The discussion will aim to encourage all participants to invest in their own brand, build a brand key to differentiate them on the job market, and to successfully manage their brand's perception. We will use business examples of commonly known brands, and discuss what lessons from product positioning can be learned when building our personal brand, and why should this help to find a job? We will use tools applied commonly in many sectors of industry and innovation, and discuss the speaker's real-life experiences from various institutions and countries.

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The main subject of seminar is about establishing how to make choices in the search for employment and in the learning of a professional itinerary based on what are the personal interests, hobbies and concerns so that the performance of the professional is more an activity  that fits our way of seeing things and that their compliance allows us a professional but also personal growth instead of an activity necessary to survive. Consequently, it is about making a personal analysis to align it with our career decision making.

First session will take place on 26th February, h. 11.00 – 12.30 (UTC+1)


This cycle is organized by University of Pavia:

“Helping young engineering and stem graduated moving into business management”

Mentor: Engineer Giulio Bontadini, now Analytics Leader in Procter&Gamble UK - LinkedIn profile  (


This seminar will aim:

  • Hearing first-hand what has impacted the most the career of a young engineer or a STEM graduated who moved into business management
  • Building a network, not only with the mentor, but also with the mentees.


  1. Working in a large multinational vs being an entrepreneur vs being a consultant  

A perspective about pros and cons of working for a multinational compared to other "types" of professional careers.

We will look at differences from salary expectations, to work-life balance, perks and benefits... but we'll touch on purpose and social impact as well.

  1. How Data & Analytics create value for a business

Whether that you run your own business or work for someone else, what matters at the end of the day is the value you create for either the investor or society.

Data & analytics is one of the most hyped topics, we will understand why this is the case and how this field is delivering so much value and how this is evolving.

  1. MARC (Men Advocating Real Change)

We will talk about what does "Diversity & Inclusion" mean in business context, why it is an essential attribute for an enterprise and why it can become a true competitive advantage/.


Dates of the online meetings:

  1. Wednesday 5th February, h. 18.00 - 19.30 (UTC+1)
  2. Wednesday 12th February, h. 18.00 - 19.30 (UTC+1)
  3. Wednesday 19th February, h. 18.00 - 19.30 (UTC+1)



Please use your university e-mail address.

Deadline 26th January 2020


The selected Mentees have the responsibilities to participate in the meetings according to the established agenda.

During two sessions I would like to invite you to explore together best practices in leading effective business meetings in an international setup. We will investigate, how to prepare a meeting, lead it and follow up on actions considering cultural diversity of participants. During the session I will encourage you to share your experience and ideas. After these two sessions you will be able to name best practices in leading business meetings and assess with high probability, which behaviours will facilitate inclusion and effectiveness in a culturally diverse group.  I am very much looking forward to meeting you all on: TBA.

About me

Anna Wójcik

I inspire, invite on a learning journey and facilitate change process. I create conditions, in which trainees can acquire skills through discovery and exploration. I do not teach. I hold a space, in which participants dare to change. I’m passionate about supporting people development, I do it wholeheartedly professionally and privately. I have shared my experience with employees of such companies as ABB, Lufthansa or Holiday Autos. I also advised global corporations on learning and development practices while working in Management Consulting Department at Accenture. I ground my sessions and interventions on solid scientific knowledge gained during psychology studies, which I constantly extend by taking part in postgraduate studies (Human Resources Management, Career Advisory, Trainer and coach) and professional training.

My training sessions are based on verified methods and newest research in learning psychology. I offer an interactive approach, which allows to apply gained skills in practice. I continuously search for new ways to reinforce the potential of training participants.

I’m inspired by close relationships, contact with nature, bodywork, intriguing observations of the reality in science fiction books, meditation and being in the moment.