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Find out more about our activities and opportunities for cooperation with other departments of the Jagiellonian University:

The Careers Service hosts Industry Weeks for students and graduates, which are regular meetings with representatives of selected industries. These events are designed to familiarize students and graduates with the specifics of working in a given place. We welcome experts and professionals who would like to talk about the ups and downs of their profession, their duties and skills needed to fill a specific position. Presentations will include HR departments providing valuable guidance on the recruitment process in their companies and explain how to prepare well for a job interview. Additionally, they will also discuss the profile and organizational culture of the company/institution and offer openings for internships, jobs and volunteer positions. Students can also hear how to build their career path in a given place.

Sample Industry Weeks:

“Not only corporation!”

The Industry Week – “Not only corporation” was designed for Jagiellonian University students and graduates looking for alternative job opportunities to outsourcing agencies or large corporations. The meetings aimed to show that knowledge, skills and job satisfaction can also be gained, working in offices, associations, local government institutions, and smaller companies.

The Industry Week – “Not only a corporation!” hosted the following employers:

  • The Marshal’s Office of the Małopolskie Province,
  • Malopolska Institute of Culture
  • National Labour Inspectorate
  • Targi w Krakowie Sp. z o.o.
  • National Museum in Cracow
  • Siemacha Association
  • EPSO Ambassador – work and internships in EU institutions

“Career with Language”

During the Industry Week – Career with Language, students and graduates of the Jagiellonian University could take part in 10 meetings with representatives of companies looking to hire employees who know various foreign languages. Participation in the event was a unique opportunity for all those who would like to make a career in an international environment.

“Career with Language” Industry Week hosted the following guests:

  • Human Capital Consulting
  • Grafton Recruitment
  • Randstad Poland
  • Atominium Specialist Translation Agency
  • VEO Worldwide Services
  • Tivron
  • State Street Bank
  • Nordea
  • Lufthansa Global Business Services
  • Capgemini

All information about current events is available in the latest events section.

Postgraduate studies offer

Dear Foreigners,

the brochures attached below contain useful information for the EU citizens intending to come to Poland, including information on the right of residence, taking up employment, laws governing recognition of professional qualifications, engaging in business activities, social insurance and living conditions in Poland.

Living and working conditions in Poland

Lebens-und Arbeitsbedingungen in Poland

For more information, please go to this website.

Additional useful information relevant to foreigners who want to find a job in Poland can be found at:

Polish Migration Forum - for foreigners and about foreigners in Poland

See also:International Students Office

The globalization of the labour market and the ability to travel problem-free around the world have allowed many people to pursue their dreams of a professional career abroad. Check what to remember about when looking for a job offers abroad and what to consider when planning the trip:

If you are thinking about studying or working in one of the European Union countries, see the website 

National System of Monitoring the Economic Fortunes of University Graduates

Professions Barometer – showing demand for professionals in a given field across districts and provinces in Poland, broken down into three groups: less than needed, just right and more than needed