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Career Service

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About us

Who we are

The Careers Service offers JU students and graduates  relevant information about the job market as well as practical knowledge on how to prepare job application documents and how to be more effective at job interviews. We help them take and implement the right decisions about their professional development, manage their careers adequately and lead a successful professional live.

We advice JU students and graduates how to effectively spend the time during and after their studies. We provide them with the relevant knowledge and skills, and help them develop right attitudes. We fulfill our mission by offering information, training and career counselling.

Some history…

It was more than one hundred years ago that the first European Careers Services were established in Great Britain. In the early 1990s the idea of  assisting students and graduates in starting professional life was brought to Poland.

The Careers Service at the Jagiellonian University was established in 2001 and has been in operation ever since. For many young people, the Careers Service is the first and most important source of information about the job market.

Mission Statement

Our most important goal is to actively support JU students and graduates in entering the job market and in their career development by:

  • providing our customers with advice tailored to their individual needs
  • organizing and holding training sessions to develop skills useful in advancing their career
  • providing information about the job and education market
  • conducting research projects (Career Paths of Jagiellonian University Graduates)

JU Careers Service Staff

Agnieszka Dudziak - The Manager

Piotr Rapciak - Deputy Manager


Paulina Hojda

Aneta Bochenek


Olga Jando

Halina Czubała

  • psychologist, coach
  • consultation of job application documents
  • career coaching
  • workshops organization
  • e-mail: