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Instruction for an Employer

To publish an offer, fill in all the gaps below. Please, use pure text – remove any formatting (e. g. by pasting it to the notepad first).

Careers Service in Jagiellonian University do not publish job offers abroad or offers from private persons.

Job offers for alumni can be also published on the special website www.alumni.uj.edu.pl

Temporary job offers should be mailed to biuro@bratniak.krakow.pl (Fundacja Studentów i Absolwentów UJ BRATNIAK). For more information, please see: www.biuro.bratniak.krakow.pl/www/

NOTE! Offers stay published on the website for one month from the moment of publishing.

The display of any content that is unlawful, vulgar, invasive of the rights of others or is commercial in nature on the Careers Service's website is strictly prohibited. Items deemed illegal include, among others, job offers that in particular are  discriminating on the grounds of gender , age, disability, race, religion, nationality, political opinion,  union membership, ethnic origin, religion or sexual orientation (in accordance with article 183 paragraph a of the Polish Labour Code).

The Administrator of the web page reserves the rights to modify the content of advertisements as well as to refuse the placement of advertisements without giving a reason.

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Job Type
Job location
Sector Trade
Public sector / law
Employment agencies
Research and development
Consultancy / consulting
Education / training
Finance / economy / banking
Geology / hydrology / tectonics
Engineering / technology
IT / Telecomunication
Marketing / advertising / PR
Automobile industry
Production / FMCG
Energy Industry
Translation / publishing
Logistics / goods transport / purchasing / distribution
Media / graphics / arts /culture / entertainment
Medicine / pharmacy / health / biotechnology
Construction / real estate / geodesy / architecture
Hotel industry / tourism / catering / restaurants
Small services / temporary work
Agriculture / animal husbandry / environmental protection
Heavy Industry
Light Industry (e.g. sewing / tailoring)

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How to apply
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