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Instruction for an Employer

  1. Employers post job offers independently using the form available on this website. The use of the form does not require logging in. Before entering or pasting the job advertisement text into the appropriate spaces, it is necessary to remove formatting (e.g., by pasting it into Notepad) as well as bullets and hyphens before each sentence in the advertisement (they will appear automatically).
  2. The publication of offers is free of charge.
  3. Employers are obligated to fill in all required fields in the form. In other cases, the offer will not be published.
  4. Once the employer enters the offer into the system, it is verified by a University of Jagiellonian Careers Service employee and published on the website no later than the next business day.
  5. The Jagiellonian University Careers Service reserves the right to modify the content of advertisements and to refuse to publish an advertisement without stating a reason.
  6. The Careers Service does not publish job offers abroad, offers from individuals, and offers that do not include an email address in the company domain. Temporary job offers should be directed to the address of the University of Jagiellonian Students and Graduates Foundation BRATNIAK: More information at
  7. Offers submitted to the Jagiellonian University Careers Service must comply with the regulations contained in the Labor Code and must not violate anti-discrimination provisions (Article 113 and Article 183a).
  8. It is prohibited to post content that is illegal, vulgar, infringes on the rights of others, or has a commercial nature. Offers that discriminate, especially based on gender, age, disability, race, religion, nationality, political beliefs, union membership, ethnic origin, faith, and sexual orientation (in accordance with Article 183a of the Labor Code), will be considered illegal.
  9. Offers are visible on the website for a period specified by the 'Recruitment end date' field.
  10. By posting an offer on the Careers Service website, the employer agrees to the use of the phone number and email address indicated in the offer for the purpose of conducting a survey by Jagiellonian University. The survey results serve to optimize cooperation between Jagiellonian University and employers in the recruitment of students and graduates of the university.

Entering data into the form is synonymous with accepting the above rules for publishing job offers, internships, practices, and volunteering.

ATTENTION! From 11 January 2024, due to the implementation of digital accessibility standards, there is a change in the way of provide job, apprenticeship, internship and volunteering offers on our website. Two language versions of the forms will be available for you: Polish and English. While entering your offers, please select the correct language version. It will not be possible to describe part of the offer in one language and the second part in the other. The only exception may be the names of job positions, often described in English and/or have no equivalent in Polish. In such a case, the English form is acceptable.


Sector trade:
You can add as many gaps as you need, using wygląd przycisku dodawania.
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Employment conditions / Company offers
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